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The first launch of the Touchstock platform began with simple stock information sharing.

Exploring the global market with people, seeing that the Korean financial market is flowing very interestingly, we have launched a platform for individual investors that anyone can easily invest with a single touch.

TOUCH STOCK, an easy-to-use investment platform, offers you a path closer to success by catching and sharing opportunities to participate in global VCs as well as general securities trading agents and information on newly listed IPO markets faster than anyone else.

Stock Market Quotes

We always prefer safe assets.

There is no 100% safe investment in the world.

However, it can reduce losses and speed up profits in the form of risk management and diversified investment.

TOUCH STOCK, which has survived the global investment market for more than 20 years, provides you with information such as new investments and hedges.

For individuals, the TOUCH STOCK platform released by individuals is always with investors.

Financial Consultation


If you ask me for data

We are providing guidance on providing information.

* Personal information is not provided to third parties other than individual contacts for sending data, and is then discarded.

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